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How to setup HAProxy as Load Balancer for Nginx

Basic Concept with HAProxy HAProxy or High Availability Proxy is an open source TCP and HTTP load balancer and proxy server software. HAProxy has been written by Willy Tarreau in C, it supports SSL, compressions, keep-alive, custom log formats and header rewriting. HAProxy is a fast and lightweight proxy server and load balancer with a small memory footprint and low…

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SolusVM Mass Starting/Stopping Virtual Servers

If you need to mass start your virtual servers, run the following code in SSH on the host: Xen PV/HVM START CFGS=/home/xen/vm*/;for cfg in $CFGS;do xm create $cfg*.cfg;done STOP xm shutdown -aw OpenVZ START CFGS=`vzlist -S -Ho ctid`;for cfg in $CFGS;do vzctl start $cfg;done STOP CFGS=`vzlist -S -Ho ctid`;for cfg in $CFGS;do vzctl stop $cfg;done KVM CFGS=/home/kvm/kvm*/;for cfg in $CFGS;do virsh create…

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Using Screen

Screen is like a window manager for your console. It will allow you to keep multiple terminal sessions running and easily switch between them. It also protects you from disconnection, because the screen session doesn’t end when you get disconnected. You’ll need to make sure that screen is installed on the server you are connecting to. If that server is…

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Basic Server Setup

No matter how new your server or vps is, it is outdated and running old software.  While I am not the best, nor do I know everything this is a base of what I do when I get a new box online. Again assuming you can SSH into the box. yum -y install nano yum -y install yum-priorities wget http://apt.sw.be/redhat/el5/en/i386/RPMS.dag/rpmforge-release-0.3.6-1.el5.rf.i386.rpm…

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Switching from Apache to Lighttpd

One of my side projects is running a free image hosting site.  FreeImageHostingOn.US with this site I have been pushing out millions of hits a day and as you can imagine it puts a load on many shared hosting providers.  So the other day I grabbed a VPS from Ruby Ring Technologies and I installed the CentOS/LXAdmin image.  Out of…

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