Apache vs Nginx – Static Files

The same old question “What is faster, Apache or Nginx”, well I decided to test this on my own.

I used the same machine with the same install with the same configurations to test this.

I followed the QEMU install found on this site. Here and install Ubuntu 22 Server install. I then shut down the system and copied the qcow2 file twice to make sure each system was the same. I then created a super basic QEMU startup script the same for each one.

Changing the drive file and thats all.

Installing Apache on one and Nginx on the other I made ZERO configuration changes, only installing the default setup. sudo apt install nginx, and sudo apt install apache2

Here are my results.

Holy crap what a difference! Now before you go and start saying that well the Apache default page is bigger then the Nginx default page; yes you are correct but not to the tune of 3x’s as large.

Next I am going to play with PHP and MySQL and see what I can make a WordPress site can do.